The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit 2014, sponsored by GroupHIgh was yesterday!
You can still sign up and it’s free, so why not take a listen? Sign up here and listen to great advice and ideas from influencer leaders on content creation, social media, and all things influencer related. On Demand videos of each presentation are available.

Our own CEO Stephanie McCratic of Acorn: An Influence Company presented on “How To Create Lifetime Value”. Using her insider knowledge of influencer campaigns (since she’s a blogger, too!), she explains the importance of tailoring influencers for each campaign instead of pitching every person under the sun. Her experiences with companies such as Country Outfitter, Johnson and Johnson, and SC Johnson have validated her approach to influencer marketing and have made her a sought after influencer/brand consultant. She explains that huge follower numbers don’t always
equal huge influence on the audience.

A variety of topics were presented, including:

  • Steps to Instantly Improve Your Social Media Strategy
  • Becoming the Brand Manager of You
  • Storytelling Buzz
  • How to Create Eye Catching Graphics (Without Photoshop)
  • 50 Tips for Pairing Viral Content with the Web’s Top Publishers

Other presenters include Danny Ashton, Jay Baer, Bill Brennan, Julia Campbell, Robert Clarke, Ian Cleary, Melanie Cohn, Tyler Collins, Megan Davey, Phil Davis, Gini Dietrich, Trent Dyrsmid, Barry Feldman, Carrie Finley-Bajak, Leigh George, Maddie Grant, Chuck Hester, Stacy Jones, Chris Keevill, Kristen Mathews, Ryan McGonagill, Mark Organ, Tracey Parsons, Lisa Arledge Powell, David Pride, Rebekah Radice, Jess Ryan, Neal Schaffer, Dechay Watts, Heather Whaling, Warren Whitlock, Stephen Wynkoop, and Chris Abraham.

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