What a crazy wonderful thing it is to work with bloggers and brands every day! We have been fortunate to partner with some of the best influencers in the blogosphere, and some amazing clients who trust us to do what we do best.

Now that we have a few notches on our proverbial lipstick case, we’re creating a new blog series to share some highlights of our campaigns and detail results from the case studies we recently completed. Follow along to get an idea of what we look for from our bloggers and influencers, and to see for yourself what we can do for your brand.

Case Study No. 1 – Country Outfitter

This campaign, one of our first, was scheduled for a three-month roll-out over the summer months. Each month was tagged with a slightly different theme
and coordinating key words and phrases to be utilized by the influencers. Shelby Free, Director of Box Operations, explains the plan, “Unlike some campaigns that simply log the traffic generated through a specific hashtag, we focused on search engine optimization with the goal of increasing the brand’s rank in Google Search. It was different, but super cool and fun to see that type of analytics.”

In addition to the increase in rank on Google, the client (a new brand looking for traction in the very crowded online retail market) wanted to build a
strong list of email subscribers quickly. By working strategically with influencer groups as well as individual social influencers and bloggers, we were able to provide a 400% increase in search traffic and an additional 7500 subscribers to the email newsletter.

Melaine writes My Sweet Savannah, and also manages an Instagram account with 40,000+ followers. She drove $300 in sales in July through her campaign activity, including this photo that garnered over 500 likes on that platform. She is typically a lifestyle blogger who focuses on decorating, but her authentic voice was a perfect match for the brand and talking about boots didn’t feel forced.


Lori blogs at A Cowboy’s Wife where she focused on the August key phrase, “game day boots” and featured boots from Country Outfitter that met the needs Texas football fans.
A common thread to all of these posts is the quality photography and genuine voice, and hers is a great example of both.

In September, the focus was to create buzz around the trend of wearing silver boots, which was a new, but small, trend in the fashion market at the time.
Two bloggers stood out with their honesty – Shanna at Because Shanna Said So simply introduced the new trend, but said she would stick with her traditional boots.

Danielle at Extraordinary Mommy shared lots of images
of silver boots from the client’s website in her post, but in the end, also went with a more traditional style.

This is an important thing for influencers to remember – creating conversation and driving clicks can be done with authentic words, and in fact, that’s
what we’d prefer to see in our campaigns.

Stay tuned for more posts in the series! But in the meantime, you can take a look at what we’re doing for our clients here.