Johnson & Johnson had a great idea to use the Donate a Photo app to do good, connect Johnson & Johnson to consumers, and get people talking.
Walmart decided to join the party and incorporate their annual Children’s Miracle Network Hospital fundraising campaign. But when their efforts
didn’t go quite as planned as quickly as they hoped, we were asked to help.

With a household name like Johnson & Johnson, we knew it would be a challenge to create a campaign that would catch people’s attention and drive
them to take action. Everyone has Johnson’s products in their home. Everyone already trusts the brand. So how could we create buzz and not get
lost in the hectic online marketplace? We knew it needed to be incredibly compelling and visual, so the choice of social platform was obvious.

As Acorn Influence CEO, Stephanie McCratic explains, “We really wanted to leverage Instagram and let influencers tell their own story through their
photos. Overall, the results were more dynamic than we ever could have anticipated or asked for.”

Throughout the campaign, held in June 2014, Acorn asked their influencers to focus their efforts solely on social media, rather than blog posts. The three-part
goal was to increase the ranking of Donate a Photo’s app rank, increase sales for Johnson’s baby products at Walmart and to observe an increase in
the use of #MiracleChild on social platforms.

All three of these were to be accomplished by introducing the Walmart Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising campaign to as many individuals
across the country as possible.

Our influencers loved this campaign. The cause was close to their hearts, as mothers and others who have children in their lives. Their social media shares
were creative, funny, and effective.

This Instagram post by influencer Desiree Miller winks at the fact that penguins need no blankets, but babies in NICU wards do. 

Leila not only had a brand new baby to photograph (who doesn’t love photos of new babies?) but also made a point to be responsive when followers and friends commented about the program, making it clear she was not just “doing her job”. Nailed it!

We are constantly told that the best way to get our followers to respond to our work online is simply to ask them to complete a task. Seems too easy, but
it’s also highly effective.

According to location-available data, organic comments generated in response to the campaign represented a national response. In addition, the Donate a Photo app ranking increased in conjunction with the campaign reach, supporting the assumption that our influencers were effective in their efforts on behalf of the client. Finally, we were able to see #MiracleChild generating a reach of over 6 million during the month of June as the campaign was in effect.

Every client is different. Every campaign is different. But our influencers all have one thing in common – value. Ready to learn more?

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