News you can use, and some you can just keep in your back pocket. This week we’re sad about break ups, happy about babies, and interested in blog design, app updates, writing skills, and preventing old-age-hunch.


If you’re using WordPress on your mobile device, you may have noticed a recent update. Good news if you do any blogging while you’re out and about. If you haven’t tried it yet – now’s the time!

WordPress App Updated for Easier On-the-Go Blog Management


Some of us like to DIY everything, others like to hire it out. (And some of us learn the hard way that it makes sense to hire it out to begin with…). Either way, these tips are great if you’re wanting to make some changes to your blog. You can do them yourself or discuss your ideas with your designer and sound like you know what you’re talking about!

13 Expert-Level Blog Design Tips for Beginners


Are you ready to start vlogging? YouTube has been the only game in town, and it’s hard to add yet another platform to manage… but if you’ve been putting it off, you might want to rethink.

Facebook Will Offer Video Creators a Share of Ad Revenue

You are a writer. You may not be writing a book or a collection of children’s stories, but you write words for a living, so you are a writer. Don’t let your desire to be “real” cause you to sacrifice good writing skills.

6 Simple Steps to Improve your Writing Skills


And like most writers, you probably do a lot of sitting. Having a great workspace is something to enjoy – but now and then, you have to get up and walk away. (Your 60-year-old self will thank you. )

How Sitting Ruins the Body (And What You Can Do to Fix It)


You may be having a sad moment if you follow the relationship statuses of celebs. Take a moment to wish Jen and Ben well, then get happy again when you look at what the stork brought Christopher Reeves’ daughter ! Daaawwww!!

Alexandra Reeve Givens Welcomes Son Christopher Russel