Well. Here we are in September and parent-teacher conferences are already being scheduled. How did that happen?? Let’s get back into the swing of things
with a little info to help us work smarter on one of our favorite social media platforms, some ideas for a much-needed getaway disguised as work, and
finally, a video that everyone simply has to watch. Because karaoke!


These tips make so much sense, and most of you are probably already doing the dos and not doing the don’ts. But a little reminder is never a bad thing
when your brain is full. That’s why I need to re-read so many self-help books.

Instagram Dos and Don’ts


Getting down to business, but having fun doing it, is the best double-edged benefit of attending a conference. If you haven’t gone to one yet, maybe this
is your time. If you have, but are looking for something new, we have you covered. Feel free to share your faves if you don’t see them listed here!

Blogger & Influencer Conferences list via Acorn Influence


This guy. James Corden fills his car with so much car-dancing, and so many music superstars. I wonder if he has to wipe spilled coffee off the console
or throw away drive-thru trash before he picks them up like I do anytime a friend rides with me? #filthycarhappylife

Carpool Karaoke