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Friends, it has been a tough week in the news, hasn’t it? Sometimes we have to just take a step back and hold our loved ones and eat homemade soup and spend some time away from the onslaught of stuff that makes us feel bad. Thank you, all of you, for being bright rays of sunshine in our world! Here are a few things that might make you smile a little more today.

Someone at a conference recently said that TED talks are passe, but we’re ignoring that statement because we think they’re full of awesome. Here is an
article that collects some of the best talks on how to be happy. Who doesn’t need more happy??

TED Talks on Happiness

If you’re looking at Christmas coming up in just over a month and wondering what to get for those last few folks on your list, we have the solution. It
includes instructions on roasting a whole hog, throwing a Lowcountry Boil, and mixing the perfect bloody mary. SOLD.

The Southerner’s Cookbook

Bloggers often spend most of their days at home alone, or, at least, in the company of people much smaller than themselves and lacking in the general skills
of conversation. Building a community online with your readers, and with others who work like you do can be a key to building a good brand and maintaining your grownup sanity. (This article focuses on makers and retailers, but are takeaways for bloggers as well!)

6 Lessons in Community Building

There are lots of pesky words in the English language that can look perfectly fine as you type them, then start looking not-so-fine when you go back to
proof your post before hitting “publish”. Take a look at this infographic full of helpful tips. #2 is my new BFF.

Tricks to Help You Spell Unfamiliar Words