Every day someone asks what we do. As tempting as it is to launch into a dissertation on the iterations of digital marketing, and the disruptions to traditional marketing models, that’s not what the curious person is asking.

The Simplest Question Is Never The Easiest.

Simply… We are in the influencer activation business.

This doesn’t mean we are in the blogger outreach business. In fact, we are platform agnostic. Word of mouth marketing will always be powerful. We will find the right influencers for our clients and meet them where they are, creating lifetime value.

Bloggers? Influencers? Contributors!

A lot of the people we work with are bloggers, but we also work with people who are influential on Pinterest or Instagram and don’t even have a blog. While we sometimes refer to them as influencers (because they are) we find that people aren’t crazy about referring to themselves as such because… well… that’s just kind of weird.

After much discussion we have decided that the word ‘contributor’ makes the most sense. These awesome folks are contributors to blogs (their own and others), contributors to the dialogue and contributors to the relationship.

See? We are all contributors and influencers to some degree. Some of us contribute sass to our mothers, while others are busy contributing beautiful photography or insightful opinions to the world available through our screens.

So what?

Our customers are brands and agencies who are struggling to reach consumers whose attention is divided now more than ever. In some cases they are companies who know they need access to influencers, but don’t know how to sift through the masses efficiently to find the contributors who really impact their target audience. They are likely also companies who need to truly impact search result content legitimately (read: not using spammy and sneaky tactics).

We’re more than blogger outreach shopper insights or PR. In fact, we’re more like talent agents or staffing recruiters, finding the right people for the right opportunity at the right time. Sometimes that’s a lot of people at once and sometimes it’s just one person.

Most of our contributors do their thing on the side. It’s a passion or a hobby, and they do not have the resources to actively seek the right relationships. Of course, they’d love to make a little money to cover their costs and pay for the time and work they put into the content they create if the right opportunity came along. But our contributors know that blindly supporting irrelevant campaigns to
make a quick buck costs them social capital and credibility. They are careful to protect the community that has built up around them. And rightly so.

Our clients are have learned from experience how painful and time-consuming it is to find credible influencers and attempt to create impactful relationships with them. The task of activating them is even harder. There are literally 31 million blogs in the U.S. alone. Of course they are having a hard time identifying the right partners.

Care. Really care.

We believe (and we hope we are right) that by really caring we can make a difference. That’s what we do.