Another week, another awesome list of great information from the web. This week we’re helping you become a travel writer, get more work done while you’re a travel writer, edit those travel photos on your mobile device, pick the best blogger conferences for you, and use great data to create great content.


Told you it’s awesome!


How many times have you thought “Wouldn’t it be amazing to be paid to travel the world and write about the people and places I see?” It may not be easy to make it happen, but it’s also not impossible.


How to Become a Travel Writer


More and more, we want to be able to share the activity or experience we just had on our blog as we are on our way home; we don’t want to have to wait until after we get there. These apps can help.


Photo Editing Apps


So much time in airports, on shuttles, in hotel rooms after conference mixers… a lot of that time is wasted because we just haven’t planned well enough to make the most of it. Here are some tips for those travel writing jaunts and upcoming conference trips.


5 Tips for Getting Work Done While Traveling 


You don’t have to scour the web looking for the best conferences – we have them all nice and neat right here. (And we’d love to add more if you have info to share!)


Blogger Conferences


This article is aimed at companies creating content for their brand – but as we have said before, you, professional blogger, are a brand. Plenty of valuable stuff here for you too.

5 Companies Creating Dynamic Content with Their Own Data