Ah, June. Summer is finally in full-swing and many of us are spending the week on a beach somewhere – at least if the images in our Instagram feeds are any indication. I have several friends in Europe right now … and I am soooooooo happy for them!*

But some of us are sitting at our desks, binge-eating M&Ms and sending Mean Girl thoughts to the rest of you who are spending the week on a beach somewhere (or Europe). But all of us are ready to learn some great tips from the Recap, right? So let’s get to it!


*Sarcasm Font


The debate continues – to schedule or not to schedule our social media posts? If you are one of those who can’t live (or at least wouldn’t get as much done) without Buffer or Hootsuite, here are some tips to make sure you’re using best practices.


Automated Twitter Tools Dos and Don’ts


One estimate reported 46 million Americans are tuning into a podcast at least once a month. But just like springing for a summer read to take with you to the beach, it can be hard to know which to click – it’s not like you’ll get that time back if the one you pick is lame. So here’s a recommendation… this one is all about being a creative entrepreneur. (Please note: these ladies have great suggestions but do use a curse word here and there!)


Podcast Recommendation: “Being Boss”


Are you using Facebook to push content on your own blog fan page, or manage pages for others as a side-gig? This is information you should be aware of.


What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means for Brands, Publishers & the Future of Media


Maybe you shouldn’t wait until December to start thinking about expenses you are racking up for your blogging job and what is tax deductible. Maybe now is a good time to be thinking about it. Or earlier than now, but at least now…


What Writing Expenses are Tax Deductible


It doesn’t matter how many articles we read about disclosure – we still have questions. And the FTC has been kind enough to put together a list of answers for us.


FTCs Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking