Our first weekly roundup of great articles we’ve found for you ladies and gents!

Why CopyBlogger Is Killing It’s Facebook Page

Did you know that only about 1 to 6% of your Facebook page “likers” are seeing
your posts? It’s true…unless you want to buy ads to promote your content,
not all of your fans are seeing your posts. Take a look at this article for more
information on why your page isn’t getting any interaction.

4 Ways to Build Trust and Humanize Your Brand

It should be easy to be “real” and be “authentic” and create “emotional responses”
in your “target audience”. Right? It’s not. Maybe this will help.

“When a brand is able to make a sincere connection with a consumer, something
incredibly powerful happens. Beyond mere fleeting impact, that moment of connection
provides a foundation for long-term advocacy, loyalty, and a sustainable bottom

14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites

Images are important for your blog. People like images, photos, and infographics,
but stock photos are expensive. What to do? This contains a list of 14 sites that
have free photos. Enjoy!

5 Fundamentals Successful Entrepreneurs Build Into Their Strategies

Your blog is your business and every blogger is an entrepreneur. It’s overwhelming
how many articles are out there on how to craft your business strategy. This article
is short, concise, and to the point. (AND it just may help you!)

Being a Better Blogger By Doing As Little As Possible

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, because it’s important. Very
important. Content is everything. Focus on what’s important – which may mean…wait
for it…DOING LESS!

“I think that a new blogger needs to focus on writing and connecting with their
audience,” she says. “Increasing traffic and building a platform and refining their
message should come AFTER they actually know what they want to say. Otherwise,
they spent all that energy possibly building their platform in the wrong location.”