The one thing our team is asked the most (by both clients and bloggers) is, “How
do you pick the influencers?”

From a client this means, “how do I know you’re picking the right people for my
goals on this campaign?”

From a blogger or social media influencer this means, “how do I get the good campaigns?”

The same answer applies to both.

We work with people who are great content creators and who have real impact among
their audience, no matter how big or small the audience is. There are 31 million
blogs JUST IN THE US. Doing a Google search for “food bloggers” won’t get you the
good food bloggers. It’ll get you the scam-y link bait sites that are the best
at SEO’ing for “food bloggers.” Try it.

We focus on the content first because these are people who blog or share for a
purpose. That purpose could be creative expression (think DIY, writers, musicians,
artists), for professional development (think business bloggers, speakers, business
owners), etc. We generally don’t work with bloggers who appear to have seen somebody
else’s blog, and thought to themselves, “OMG. She’s making a gagillion dollars
writing about her food. I could totally do that.”

So how do we find the storytellers, passionate designers, devoted homemakers,
tech addicts and foodies who truly MUST share? How do we differentiate them from
the opportunist who just want a free blender?

It’s Not Easy.

  1. We have an algorithm that does the heavy math lifting and
  2. We have a team that works on the more subjective stuff.

The Math Part

  • Here’s a secret: It’s not monthly unique pageviews. Those can be gamed. Easily.
    And we’ve been a part of far too many campaigns where the pageviews meant nothing
    at the end of the day.
  • Our algorithm considers things like PageRank (bloggers:
    you can check yours here), Domain Authority, Page Authority, Post recency
    and frequency (those who post 1-4 times / week are our favorites), and social influence
    (we’re not talking Twitter followers here, rather social engagement).

Then The Human Part

  • Is more than 25% of the content on the home page sponsored? Try
    Carissa’s #Last10Posts challenge. We really like what she’s doing.
  • Is there a banner ad above the blog header? This is a good indication of priorities.
  • Does the blog have a unique and identifiable style and tone of writing?
  • What is this blogger / influencer like to work with? Are they professional, efficient,

What We Don’t Care About

  • How pretty the blog is. There are some crazy influential blogs that are hacked
    together in the wee hours of the morning because there’s no developer on staff
    (read: in the home). We care about the content and the audience.
  • Monthly unique pageviews & Twitter followers. We’re bloggers. We’re in the
    private Facebook groups with the bloggers who are actively gaming the system and
    buying pageviews or followers. We care about organic content and originality, which
    lead to a loyal and captive audience. We’re also constant students of SEO trends and we know that sometimes a tiny blog in a small town can impact a brand exponentially more than a “huge” blog. There are a lot of factors that go into this part, and we do our best to stay on top of it.
  • – Divas (male or female). We believe no one is any better or any worse than anyone

What Does This Mean

We are always tweaking our campaigns to make them better, but the way we work
with people doesn’t change much because it is the people that are critical to our

We know from experience that the hardest part of influencer marketing is finding
the right people at the right time and bringing them the right opportunity. Creating
and maintaining mutually beneficial relationship with both clients and influencers
is what inspires our team.

That’s why we have paired the speed and efficiency of science with the art of
human relations in this way.

Next Steps:

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