When I was at Country Outfitter working with hundred of bloggers at a time as a team of one I was always trying to find a great solution that would help me create valuable relationships while being able to manage the process efficiently and on a “start up” budget.

On the other side of that: as a blogger I get 5+ pitches per day, so I know that relationships matter. The emails I open are the ones that come from either someone I know and trust or a brand I find very relevant and interesting. The people who read  Evolved Mommy mean the world to me, so I’m not going to spend my time (the one thing I can’t buy back) or my social capital on something that will not positively impact my readers.

Over the past few weeks and after months of late (coffee-fueled) nights working on the messy details of hashing out a vision and a plan, I secured funding from the venture capital firm New Road Ventures to start my own agency and build the solution I wanted so badly at Country Outfitter.


Because real, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships make life better for everyone involved: brand, blogger & reader.

Blogging takes work. Building a community is hard.

And so is trying to figure out who of the 31 million bloggers in the US are truly relevant, credible, creative and authentically engaged.

And because this is my passion. It’s what I do for fun in my free time. Seriously. #dork

The acorn difference

When you’re a department of one and tasked with communicating with hundreds of people at once, you get really efficient really fast.

I am taking the processes that made sense when working for the fastest growing e-commerce retailer in history and applying them to other brands.

The relationship first, then legitimate data approach is key. We aren’t talking about vanity metrics or monthly page views. This is about real influence. It doesn’t matter if someone influences 10 people or 1,000,000+. I’ve worked with both.

What I know to be true is this…

Creating the right opportunity at the right time is fun.

Evolved Mommy has brought me truly amazing opportunities to work with incredibly creative brands, like when OnStar brought a dozen bloggers to Detroit last November and we got to “drive it like we stole it.” Country Outfitter gave me the opportunity to go to countless blog conferences and meet the most amazing people I never would’ve met otherwise.

But I’ve also made mistakes (from which I learned A LOT) along the way, and I’ve seen brands send terrible pitches that are demeaning, belittling and at times insulting.

We’re going to work hard for our influencers and our clients. And we’re going to do our very best.

Welcome to acorn, an influence company. I’m so glad you’re here.