It’s true that the internet is a wealth of information. Unfortunately, some of
that info is total malarkey and you may have to dig around to find the good stuff.
Well, not today! The
GroupHigh Outreach Marketing Summit was held recently and there was whole pile
of gold marketing nuggets all packaged up in one convenient place.

Stephanie McCratic, the CEO and Founder of Acorn: an influence company, provided
a lot of these golden tips in her talk about
Creating Lifetime Value. An important piece of marketing, arguably the most
important part, is the art of storytelling. People do not want to be pitched all
the time. It’s old news. It’s tiring. It can be annoying. They want someone they
know (or feel like they know!) to tell them WHY they are doing something or WHY
they are using a product. It’s real. It connects us. People are influenced by other
people – who knew?

Take a look at the video Stephanie put together for the summit

Of course, other brilliant marketing advice was given at this summit as well.
You can view a ton of great content on the
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